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Strategic Withdrawal, the peaceful solutions manual, a road map out of the current de facto government Ltd.
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Strategic Withdrawal, the peaceful solutions manual, a road map out of the current de facto government
Strategic Withdrawal, the peaceful solutions manual

Are You Interested In Learning How:

Strategic Withdrawal check mark To Obtain True Freedom and Liberty
Strategic Withdrawal check mark To Break YOUR Contracts With Caesar
Strategic Withdrawal check mark To Lawfully Protect YOUR Assets
Strategic Withdrawal check mark To Utilize Offshore Entities Lawfully
Strategic Withdrawal check mark The Rockefellers Of The World Pay No Taxes
Strategic Withdrawal check mark To Keep All The $$$ You Earn For YOUR Posterity


    America is still a free Nation, but most Americans are no longer free (It is no accident!). Americans used to be free, but they lost their freedom and liberty in the 1920's and 1930's. We the People accepted the legal disability of bankruptcy when we became co-signers on the national debt (and therefore bankrupt) when we signed our social security cards. By doing this, we gave up our right to claim the protections under the Bill of Rights. Today, we are a feudalistic society with the international elite controlling the government, the property, and the prosperity that once belonged to "We, the People of the united States of America".

    "It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But we are now prepared to march towards a world government. The super-national sovereignty of an Intellectual Elite and World Bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries." - David Rockefeller (1991)

Strategic Withdrawal helped me clarify where it was I was trying to get when I knew I wasn't there now! Then it laid out the biblical criteria for why I was unhappy and disillusioned with my present scenario.
Together with a concordance, the Bible, and a law dictionary, "Strategic Withdrawal" points the way to make an informed choice to live in bondage or seek freedom.
For us older citizens, we appreciate all the research and zeal that you put into creating a pathway to freedom that we can work at our own pace (hopefully others are faster than [we are]).
We love you! Big ole Tennessee hug!
Barbara L. in Tennessee


    Americans are waking up to the loss of their freedom and liberty. They want to regain their God given rights but they just don't know what to do. The reason why they lost their sovereignty in the first place is because of what they have been doing. People will never find their God given freedom and liberty until they learn to do things differently. We the People must change our behavior before we can regain our God given rights.

Depending upon their level of awareness, Americans are trusting in:

freedom and liberty bullet    Their right to vote
freedom and liberty bullet    Writing to their congressmen
freedom and liberty bullet    Picketing abortion clinics
freedom and liberty bullet    Unorganized militias
freedom and liberty bullet    Tax protest groups
freedom and liberty bullet    Hoarding gold, guns, and food


    In spite of Militias, tax protests, picketing, hoarding, voting, and writing to our congressmen, our rights continue to vaporize right before our eyes.

    Is it time to fight back? Does a Citizen have a realistic opportunity to do anything about his loss of freedom and liberty by protesting the government's loss of sensitivity to the needs of We the People? Absolutely not!

    By protesting, we justify government claims of "domestic terrorism" and actually help them take away more of our liberty & freedoms. After the Oklahoma City re-enactment of the Reichstag Fire, Bill Clinton, speaking to the Patriotic Americans, said, "How dare you adopt our sacred symbols for paranoid purposes." When Patriots adopt aggressive methods, it is very easy for the government to use a compliant media to place the blame for any civil disorder upon the patriots, and thereby justify further repression. Protests do not work! Violence will not work!


    Who is to blame? And who can help? The solutions to all of our spiritual, intellectual, and financial problems are the responsibility of the person in the mirror!

    The government can not and will not help us. In fact, Article 1, Section 10 of the Constitution prevents them from helping us because we signed their contracts! We signed the contracts that placed us under the yoke of bondage and we are the only ones who have the legal power and moral right to void those contracts.

"...the few who understand the system," he says, "will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantages that capitol derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests." - from a letter by the Descendants of Baron Nathan Rothschild (1863)

Strategic Withdrawal features both an easy to understand description of the road to sovereignty and detail on the various processes required to achieve this noble goal capturing the readers own quest for a different way of life. Now a recipe for success is available in this well thought out and interesting treatise on citizenship. For those interested in not only learning but doing the walk to freedom this guide book is the answer and the author offers himself to those who are serious and need answers.
Michael L. from Idaho

The Way, the Truth and the Light

    Once an individual accepts the fact that the government is not to blame for his or her slavery, then that individual is mentally prepared to do something about the slavery, but not before! As long as we are blaming other people or blaming government agencies for our problems, we will continue to suffer. Freedom and liberty is as easy as accepting the Truth and as hard as getting out of bed on Monday morning.

"Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on Him, if ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free" - John 8:31-32

Lawful and Legal

    Strategic Withdrawal shows you the lawful and legal procedures. Bureaucrats follow the rules, because bureaucrats must justify their jobs. The government very rarely takes any official action without some type of contractual authority. Therefore, our remedy against official government harassment is to legally and lawfully vacate and terminate all of the contracts we have signed that gave away our freedom and liberty.

Some of the contracts we must terminate are:
freedom and liberty bullet    Social Security Number
freedom and liberty bullet    Driver's License
freedom and liberty bullet    Automobile License
freedom and liberty bullet    Voter Registration
freedom and liberty bullet    Bank "Signature Cards"
freedom and liberty bullet    Waiver of Rights under IRS Form 1040 "LABEL" contracts
freedom and liberty bullet    And so on ...

Complete directions on how to handle the paperwork as well as examples of forms to file are found in Strategic Withdrawal.


Strategic Withdrawal shows you the financial procedures. To enjoy financial independence and security we:
freedom and liberty bullet    Place all of our equity into a Corporation Sole, Offshore Trust, or else in a multi-tiered system of domestic and offshore entities before ending our unconscionable, adhesion contracts with the government agencies and banks.
freedom and liberty bullet    Vacate the contracts and become free sovereigns with no legal disabilities.
freedom and liberty bullet    Reclaim our equity from the Trusts at any time we please, with no penalty or harassment from the IRS or any other agency.
freedom and liberty bullet    Learn how to relate to bureaucrats, bankers, lawyers, and policemen in the language of Trusts.
freedom and liberty bullet    Never sign a contract that is not distinctly to our advantage.
freedom and liberty bullet    If you work for wages, then join the current trend toward independent contracting. Use the example of an Independent Service Contract that is in an appendix and begin earning a living, legally and lawfully, without having any IRS or Social Security withholding and without owing any income tax at the end of the year.


Strategic Withdrawal includes complete directions to:
Tax Immunity check mark    How to live as a Sovereign
Tax Immunity check mark    How to explain your new status to a policeman
Tax Immunity check mark    How to avoid harassment
Tax Immunity check mark    How to earn a living without a Social Security Number (SSN)
Tax Immunity check mark    How to own land without a Social Security Number (SSN)
Tax Immunity check mark    Stop paying land taxes
Tax Immunity check mark    Stop paying Social Security
Tax Immunity check mark    Stop paying income tax
Tax Immunity check mark    Examples of all forms

    Complete directions for a strategic withdrawal from the enslaving systems that we were taught to accept are found within the Strategic Withdrawal manual. Each procedure is thoroughly explained so you can understand how and why you may reclaim your Sovereignty with greatly increased freedom and liberty. Each and every step in the process is legal and lawful in itself. The effect of the whole is also legal and lawful.

    Sovereign Citizens who have already taken these steps have been free of legal disability and have suffered no government harassment for as many as twenty years! You will not read about these sovereigns in the newspapers, because The New World Order does not want any attention drawn to them or to these procedures.

I have found Strategic Withdrawal to be an invaluable source of compiled knowledge. Many freedom seekers unknowingly are reinventing the wheel. Strategic Withdrawal helps minimize this time wasting activity although every freedom seeker needs to learn how to build their own wheel.
Strategic Withdrawal contains information for all levels of students, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. This student has found answers in Strategic Withdrawal years and even versions later as the student's knowledge of man's enslaving contracts and ecclesiastical law have increased.
Strategic Withdrawal is an ongoing effort that is not static or steady state. As knowledge becomes more perfect concerning man's enslaving contracts and ecclesiastical law, Strategic Withdrawal is updated on an ongoing basis with this "more perfect knowledge".
Each printed version of Strategic Withdrawal is a picture or snapshot frozen in time of a living soul that is continuing on in time increasing in knowledge and wisdom searching for a "better way".
Chet B. from New York

A quick over-view of the problem AND the solution:

    Many Americans have a great hunger for knowledge regarding what to do about our loss of freedom and liberty. Gamaliel Ministries is a publishing ministry that was established for the purpose of bringing spiritual and intellectual food to satisfy this hunger. As part of the program implementing this goal, Gamaliel Ministries publishes a book named Strategic Withdrawal. Strategic Withdrawal shows the basic, essential facts underlying the problems facing Christians today and, more importantly, shows a way of leaving those problems behind, peacefully and permanently.

A bit of History ...

    Everyone in the "patriot movement" knows that America is in trouble, but the "public fool system" has failed to inform them about the true history of the beginnings of our nation. We are taught that the Constitution is the founding document of our country and that we have Constitutional Rights. Well, folks, the Constitution did not arise out of a vacuum! There was a legitimate government already in place, duly elected by the people. Here are a few historical facts...

    The King of England had been pressured by the Rothschild Bank (a member of the Bank of England) into raising the taxes on the colonies, and the Americans rebelled. With the Revolutionary war, and upon establishment of a free nation by the Americans, the Bank of England sent many, well financially backed, politicians, bureaucrats, lawyers, and enforcers (thugs) to America to disrupt the political and financial systems for the purpose of overthrowing the free nation that had been established under God's rule. We encourage everyone to watch the set of videos on the banking system called "The Money Masters." The machinations of the bankers are documented better in this video than anywhere else currently on the market.

    King George III, through his Bank of England, sponsored so much turmoil in the American society during those years, that some of the recently-freed people were willing to consider the changes in government offered by the King's agents. Reading about the events surrounding the ratification of the constitution will show that passage was not a "shoo-in." Many of the states refused to even consider the Constitution without a "Bill of Rights." Most people know of the book called "The Federalist Papers," but there was also a group of papers circulated called the "ANTI-Federalist Papers."

    The ANTI-Federalist papers informed the people why the Constitution was a BAD idea and they were discussed widely among the Citizens. Before any modern-day patriots get angry at this presentation and quit reading, they should read the anti-federalist papers and see what the educated people in the 1780's, who knew the authors of the Constitution personally, have to say about the problems inherent in the Constitution.

    In 1791, there were Patriotic Americans who opposed the Constitution, preferring the government established under God by the Declaration of Independence. Incidentally, the Constitution was written in secret, by a group of un-elected men only claiming to represent States, during the very time that the Northwest Ordinance was being written by the duly elected group of representatives of the States, in congress assembled.

I'm in the process of reading "Strategic Withdrawal" and want to say how much I am enjoying it! I have learned bits and pieces of this theory (withdrawing from the contracts that connect us to the US) for many years, but it's great how you've pulled everything together into one book, with good examples.
Jack R. from Arizona

A bit of OLDER History...

    The only history book that is not absolutely chock-full of errors is the bible (if you are not with us on this point, then you may as well quit reading right now). According to Genesis 1:27-28, mankind was created by God, in the image of God, to exercise dominion over the animals, fish, and birds. Man was not created to have dominion over other men. History, and our own personal experience, should have shown us that we cannot even govern ourselves!

    Whenever men exercise dominion over other men, it is called "tyranny." God is the only fit and proper ruler of men. One of the recurring ideas throughout the bible is exemplified in Acts 5:29, "We must obey God rather than men." The bible also says, very plainly and at least three times, that God's law (the bible) must not be added to or subtracted from. Nothing can be added or taken away from God's law or there are penalties. In short, God is the only King, Law-Maker and Judge [Isaiah 33:22]. Those who claim the power of making law are claiming the power of God.

    In First Samuel 8:7, we read that God told Samuel "Heed the voice of the people in all that they say to you; for they have not rejected you, but they have rejected Me, that I should not reign over them." The penalty for that rejection is spelled out in verse 8:18, where God says that He will not hear the cries for relief when those who select this earthly system of government are oppressed by their government. Please read this whole chapter. It is like our daily papers! When the oppressed people cry to God for relief from the oppressive government that they have chosen, God will not hear them.

    Do you wonder why God doesn't hear your cries for relief from the IRS liens and levies? Here is your answer. God does not contradict His own Word. The remedy is really quite simple. Withdraw out of your selection of that government!

    The Declaration of Independence says "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights..." (July 4, 1776) The concept of total equality before God is not objectionable to the common man, but it strikes absolute terror into the hearts of aristocrats.

    That wonderful document completely overthrew the system of government by kings and aristocracy. As evidence that the founding fathers understood this to be the effect of the Declaration, we have the words of Samuel Adams on August 1, 1776, saying, "We have this day restored the Sovereign, to whom alone men ought to be obedient. He reigns in Heaven, and from the rising to the setting sun, may His Kingdom come!" And the words of James Madison in 1778, saying, "We have staked the whole future of American civilization, not upon the power of government, far from it. We have staked the future upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to sustain, according to the ten commandments of God."

    The creation of the Articles of Confederation and the Northwest Ordinance did little to overturn the Sovereignty of the individual American, under the Supreme Sovereign in Heaven. As long as each individual is liable for any damage to his fellow man under the judicial system outlined in the bible, we have a Godly system of government. This all changed, however, with the Constitution.

    When an earthly government controls the courts, and judges are required to recognize any law other than the bible, that society has strayed from God's government. In Article 1, Section 8, clause 17, we find that Congress is empowered, "To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten miles square)" (1791)

    The supreme Court of the United States has consistently held that in this clause, the word "exclusive" does, indeed, mean "exclusive" and the phrase "all Cases whatsoever" means that congress is claiming the power of God to make law. Balzac v. Porto Rico, Hooven and Allison & Company v. Evatt, and the Slaughter-House Cases establish that the Bill of Rights does not protect any resident of any area under the jurisdiction of congress. Further, these cases show that those persons who are NOT residents within Washington, DC's jurisdiction ARE under the protection of the Bill of Rights, and, possibly, God's Law as well. We are not looking at opinion, here, we are looking at established realities.

Is there a Remedy?

    The taking of any franchise (contract) from the Washington, DC government (SSN, Driver's license, voter registration card, etc.) binds one under the jurisdiction of Congress and in so doing, one loses the protection of God, his or her state constitution, and the Bill of Rights [28 USC 3002(15)(C) and First Samuel 8:18]. This is also clearly stated in the Supreme Court decision in Hale v. Henkel, 201 U.S. 43, 95, in stating that "the un-franchised Citizen owes nothing to the state because he receives nothing there from..."

    By entering into contracts with a government founded upon man's law, we become franchised, and re-create our own slavery, equal to being under the Feudal British Monarchy. Merely denying the obligations on the contracts and seeking to avoid the responsibility by running away, places one under the penalties of Article 4, Section 2, clause 3 regarding escaped slaves.

    We may, individually, legally and lawfully, remove the slavery (curse) and revert to the natural condition of one born into the American Republic. Because there is only one true Law, and only one Law-Giver, God has compelled the government to make statutes that accept our expatriation back into our natural state and condition of freedom and liberty. The purpose of Strategic Withdrawal is for showing the way back under God's Law, where all of America was between the Declaration of Independence and the "ratification" of the Constitution (which by the way, was approved by the King's lawyers before ratification).

In a Nutshell, the Strategy to the Withdrawal consists of:

1. Protecting all of our earthly assets, (Foreign Trusts, IBCs, Pure Contract Trusts, Corporations Sole, Canon Law Trusts, etc.).
2. Legally withdrawing out of "the system" by rescission of contract procedures that are clearly described in Strategic Withdrawal.
3. Reclaiming the use of the assets at our pleasure and with no government-imposed penalty.
4. Get completely out of debt. The borrower is the slave of the lender, and you cannot hope to eventually be a free man or woman as long as you seek enslavement through debt.

When we follow the above procedures, we may legally keep all we earn, we are lien, levy, and judgment proof, and we will be able to pass all of our earthly assets to our heirs, with no probate or estate taxes (total immunity).

    Extensive changes in our lifestyles may be required in order to accomplish this Liberty, but many Americans have found that the changes are worth the effort. Strategic Withdrawal teaches people how to make these changes and to "come out" of the earthly government, claiming their heritage of freedom and liberty. [review Revelations 18:4-7] The latest responses by the government and the latest techniques for applying these principles are dealt with in Strategic Withdrawal Seminars.

Partial Time-Line

1764 - the Decree by King George III (as a result of pressure by Baron Rothschild) that the Colonists must cease printing their own money and pay all of their taxes in gold or silver. The King (the bank) would buy all of the colonialist's money at 50% value (Sounds like Roosevelt's gold confiscation executive order in the 1930's, doesn't it?).

1764 - Colonies go into a massive depression that lasts until the late 1790's.

1775 - April 19, The battles of Lexington and Concord, over confiscation of arms.

1775 - In May, 1775, Washington said: "If you ever hear of me joining in any such measure [as separation from Great Britain], you have my leave to set me down for everything wicked" - He also said: "It is not wish or interest of the government [meaning Massachusetts], or of any other upon this continent, separately or collectively, to set up for independence" Ingersoll, North American Review, CLV. No.2, August, 1892, p. 183, also quote in Sources of the Constitution of the United States, c. Ellis Stevens, 1927, page 36. "[John] Jay did not favor independence from Britain. His absence from the signing of the Declaration of Independence was noted by Thomas Jefferson."

1775 to 1783 - Revolutionary War.

July 4, 1776 - Declaration of Independence (George Washington and John Jay did not sign it).

1776 to August 1, 1776, Sam Adams said that the effect of the Declaration of Independence was to "restore the Sovereign [God]".

1777 - James Madison said that the new society wasn't made to govern more effectively, but that each of us could "govern ourselves according to the ten commandments of God."

1778 to 1782 - Continental Congress, through the King's Esquire in France (Benjamin Franklin) BORROWS 18,000,000 livres (French) from His Majesty's Banker in Paris (Rothschild) and indirectly in 1781 another 5,000,000 florins (10,000,000 livres) from Holland. These loans were subsequently transferred to King George III. Borrowing violates Proverbs 22:7 [the borrower is the slave of the lender]. Total debt equals 28,000,000 pounds sterling. America lost it's Sovereignty at this point.

1781 - Cornwallis surrenders at Yorktown - Cornwallis tells George Washington that the "victory" doesn't matter. That in 200 years, the U. S. and Great Britain will be working together to form a New World Order.

1782 - Benjamin Franklin signs a treaty with the King that acknowledges the debt of 28,000,000 livre [French pounds]. Interest is to be paid from 1783, and principle is to be paid beginning on November 5, 1787.

1783 - Treaty of Paris - This Treaty was supposedly written to end hostilities and normalize relations between Great Britain and the United States, however, in the opening paragraph, the King is called "The King of Great Britain etc. and the United States of America." Pay close attention to Article 4. In this Treaty, the King dictates the terms, because the borrower is the slave of the lender (Proverbs 22:7), and congress had given away the newly-won Sovereignty in 1778.

1787 - Congress defaults on the loan, going bankrupt, and entering into engagements regarding that debt. Engagements are contracts.

1787 - On September 17, 1787, a group of un-elected representatives of the banks and courts met in secret to draft a document that could re-organize the government without sparking another revolution. By finishing the government reorganization plan on this date, they had only a month and a half to deliver a copy of the plan to the Bank of England before the November 5, 1787 payment of 1,000,000 pounds sterling was due and payable. They were not elected by their legislatures to represent their states, nor elected by the people to represent the people, however, the preamble to this bankruptcy reorganization document begins, "We, the People of the united States..."

The nature of the constitution being a bankruptcy reorganization document is plain for all to see in Article 6.

Clause 1 reaffirms the debt with: "All debts contracted and engagements entered into" and makes them binding upon the new government. Have you read all of those "engagements"? I didn't think so. Neither have I. Yet, they are binding on your life, and as soldiers we took an oath to support these "engagements."

Clause 2 includes "all treaties made*" [in the past tense] within the supreme law of the land, and binds all of the judges in all states to enforce it. This includes the bankruptcy pay-off procedures included within the "engagements entered into" and that the "City of London" is entitled to roughly one-third of all of the natural resources in the Virginia Colony under the Virginia Charter of 1606.

Clause 3 stipulates the oath of office of all federal bureaucrats and elected officials and binds them to support the Constitution*, including all of the bankruptcy pay-off engagements and treaties.

[*NOTE: in legal terminology, the phrases "engagements entered into" and "all treaties made" are called "incorporations by reference.". This means that the entire text of the treaty or engagement is included as an actual part of the Constitution and is equally as binding as any other part of the Constitution. Just because you can't see the full text of the "inclusions by reference" does not mean that these provisions are not fully enforceable. Let me ask a question at this point. Until we read the incorporations by reference, upon what can we base any allegation that "Billy-the-Bomber" Clinton (or any other sitting dictator) is violating the Constitution?]

1787 to 1791 - Many papers were written about the purpose and effect of the constitution. These papers were called the Federalist Papers and the Anti-federalist Papers. There were many more anti-federalist papers than pro-federalist.

1791 - Constitution is ratified after adding the "American Magna Carta" (called the Bill of Rights), as the first ten amendments to the constitution. The first ten amendments, incidentally, have more of the character of treaties between the government and the Sovereigns than of actual amendments to the corpus of the constitution. If this is not the case, then one must ask themselves the question, "Because the constitution had not yet been ratified, why did they NOT incorporate the ideas of the amendments right into the constitution itself?"

1791 - The first United States Bank is chartered, giving control of the wealth of America back to King George III. It is the popular notion to blame Alexander [Levine] Hamilton for the U. S. Bank, but even the most radical opinion-holders on this issue must admit that young Alex couldn't have voted the charter through by himself. The U. S. Bank was obviously part of the "engagements entered into" and was binding upon the United States once the Constitution was adopted.

1810 - Congress proposes a thirteenth amendment (click here for an article on site concerning the missing 13th), to be called the "Titles of Nobility Amendment." This amendment would cause all "esquires" [lawyers] and "Your Honors" [lawyer/judges] to "cease to be a citizen of the United States" and be incapable of holding any office or being paid with public money for doing any job.

1811 - Termination of the Charter for the First Bank of the United States

1812 - WAR of 1812
    a) Theoretically fought over Great Britain conscripting our sailors in their need for men to fight their war against Napoleon.
    b) Also fought over the dropping the Bank of England as the U. S. central bank and,
    c) destroyed 38 years worth of public records, making the proof of the treaties and conspiracy unavailable to Americans. In the process, making an attempt to destroy the evidence that the thirteenth amendment was about to be ratified.

1815 - Waterloo, Battle of Napoleon loses his shirt (and a war) and Baron Rothschild takes control of the Bank of England away from the King. The Rothschild's also begin their final rise to become the most powerful family in the world.

1816 - Second Bank of the United States is chartered

1819 - The last necessary state, Virginia, ratifies the 13th amendment (click here for an article on site concerning the missing 13th), revoking the citizenship of all lawyers, judges, and others with a title of Nobility. This Amendment has NEVER BEEN REPEALED! Attorneys still give up their citizenship!

1825 - The State of Maine published an official version of the constitution, including the original 13th amendment. Other states continued to publish the 13th amendment as part of the constitution until well after the Lincoln's un-civil war. We have certified copies of this amendment that were published with the 1833 and 1839 editions of the Constitution for the state of Illinois. Eventually, there were enough attorneys in enough positions of control that the amendment ceased being published and Americans were "dumbed down" one more notch.

    And So Forth... This line of thinking can be taken right through to the present, and explains the division of America for the purpose of reinstitution of foreign control through debt. It explains why Lincoln was killed by a Rothschild assassin because Lincoln borrowed gold from the Romanovs' instead of credit from Rothschild. It explains the genocide against the Romanov family because they had the audacity to come between Rothschild and a piece of business. It explains the Federal Reserve System, all of the wars, depressions, and all of the rest.

    What was the lesson learned from President Nixon and Watergate? - "Follow the money". Just because there is a little difference between a few million in the case of Nixon and a few Quadrillion in the case of Rothschild does not change the principle. 1. Who gets the Money? 2. Who gets the Power? 3. Who is in the position to cover up the facts and keep this information out of the hands of the public? In all cases, it is the Bank of England, their lackeys, and their backer, Satan. This is definitely a spiritual war, to be won by spiritual means, not guns.

If you have a desire to leave man's system, may I recommend Strategic Withdrawal, the peaceful solutions manual? I have spent countless hours in law libraries and thousands of dollars over the years on research (and the latest Patriot's silver bullet) seeking the truth of how and when we lost our Republic.
Through my many years of research I had already attained 90% of the knowledge contained therein. If there had only been such a concise work available 15 years ago! It would have saved me a great deal of time, money, and grief. Strategic Withdrawal is no "silver bullet"; it is a road map "out of her My people". For three hundred and ninety seven Federal Reserve Notes (evidence of debt) it is the best bargain you will ever find!
Jeff Otto Sierra Vista, Arizona

In summary, within the pages of Strategic Withdrawal, you will be shown in a step-by-step manner:

freedom and liberty bullet    Elimination of the requirement for filing and paying income tax.
freedom and liberty bullet    Recovering up to three years of back taxes.
freedom and liberty bullet    Elimination of current withholding of taxes, back-up withholding, and quarterly tax payments.
freedom and liberty bullet    Use of third-party entities for management of estates so there are no probate delays or estate taxes.
freedom and liberty bullet    Procedures for financial security and independence: Keep all the $$$$$ that you earn.
freedom and liberty bullet    How to become lien proof, levy proof, and judgment proof.
freedom and liberty bullet    How to understand and claim personal sovereignty!
freedom and liberty bullet    Understand and remove legal disabilities.
freedom and liberty bullet    How to leave the IRS and New World Order and take all of your equity with you!

Consultation with the author in how to apply the principles is included in the cost of Strategic Withdrawal.

    Strategic Withdrawal is NOT just another "This is what is wrong with America and this is what I THINK may let us regain control" book. Strategic Withdrawal is about personal solutions, and then, from the solid position of sovereignty, we can effect change for the better. It appears that all past attempts at changing the course of events that have begun from the position of state servants have led to no improvement.

Strategic Withdrawal has been acclaimed by Carl Klang, America's #1 Patriotic Folk singer, as being, "The very best book that makes a difficult subject easy to understand."

A personal note from the author:

    In 1986 and 1987, the IRS had a massive computer failure, and lost a lot of data on many of their "customers". When they did not have records of the filings, the agents were allowed to treat the "customers" as if they had not filed. I had been procrastinating, and not filing returns because the government owed me money, due to the large number of deductions that I could claim. When I did get around to filing, and signing my name on the bottom line, they ignored my filing and came after me, anyway. This made me angry.

    When I get angry, I don't just "strike out", I do some research. The book "Strategic Withdrawal" is the result of that research. My own research has been confirmed and reinforced many times over with the research of other men and women, some of whom I know personally. The reason that the book is here, and the reason that the book is $397.00 instead of $50.00, is because I want to be able to assist the reader, not merely sell a book that contains ideas that were only current as of some date prior to being submitted to the publisher.

    I have gone the route of buying the $50.00 books, and the failure of those plans had cost me about $150,000.00 in loss of a home, a job, and the liens, levies, and seizures that came as a result of incorrect withdrawal out of the tax system. I came to realize that the battle that we are in is primarily a spiritual battle, and as long as we are merely running away from the oppressive taxation and government control, and not TOWARD the correct Government, King, Lawgiver, and Judge, then we would miss many of the steps that we need to take in order to be truly free.

    Strategic Withdrawal, then, is a book that shows the spiritual and mental processes, as well as the physical process of filing the precisely-worded documents that release one out of voluntary servitude [legal under the current 13th amendment] and a subject UNDER the government [a status created with the 14th amendment] and reclaim one's proper status as a Citizen having the power of sitting on a jury and judging both the facts of the case and whether or not the act passed by legislature applies in this case.

    This was the status of most Americans before the mid 1800's, and is the reason that Americans had something worth protecting. Strategic Withdrawal is possibly the only book of its kind in America, today. I am pledged to assist any and all who get this book, as long as they are moving in the direction of freedom and liberty. And I will say with complete honesty that if someone decides that they would rather remain inside of man's governments, giving over 65% of his God-given energy for support of the system of feudalistic bureaucracy that he can plainly see, then I can accept this as his own choice, without being judgmental.

    Our system is for people seeking peace, but quite often, like the Prodigal Son in the bible, people are moved to seek peace only after they reach a certain level of disgust with the corruption and oppression of our current de facto government. Unlike the government agents, I really am here to help you.

Burney Bushears, author of Strategic Withdrawal.

Note: Before E-mailing your questions concerning the withdrawal process, please review the questions already asked by other truth seekers available on our Frequently Asked Questions pages. Thank you!

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